5 Signs That You Need Emergency Dentist Near you

5 Signs That You Need Emergency Dentist Near you

Mar 09, 2020

It may be hard to tell if that pain in your tooth needs to be taken seriously. The sad thing is that many people tend to brush off small problems which, with time, grow into huge menaces if they are not treated.

If you suspect any dental abnormalities, quickly pay your emergency dentist in Billerica, MA a visit, even if the idea frightens you. This brief explains those signs that will alert you that you have a dental emergency.

  • That loose tooth

Whereas it is usual for children’s teeth to be loose, it is unusual to experience wiggly or loose teeth in your adulthood. The average human being loses their last tooth at twelve. An adult’s teeth have matured and are strong enough to help you speak, eat, and enjoy a lifestyle that is healthy. Experiencing loose teeth is an indication that some things are happening.

Tooth injury – this can be a painful experience, which is you should immediately go to your dentist in Billerica. Whether the cause of the damage was a car accident or sports accident, your dentist needs to know. Even if the pain goes away and your teeth seem perfectly normal, your emergency appointment will establish if there was any jaw or nerve damage.

Localized infection – to be entirely sure of the infection type, a proper examination should be carried out with immediate effect. If your loose tooth is causing a toothache, you are likely to be having dental caries or gum disease.

The dentist might want to use x-rays and an oral examination to establish the cause of the infection. Early treatment not only prevents infection spread, but also saves your teeth from being extracted and leaving you with that ugly gap.

  • You can’t sleep due to a severe toothache

That severity can be a wakeup call for your visit. In case the pain is mild, home remedies can be used for instant relief. If it is severe, you may want to make that dreaded visit that you have been avoiding. The treatment you receive at the dentist’s office will depend on what caused it. This necessitates proper diagnosis.

  • Aching and bleeding gums

Your gums bleeding after flossing can be an indication of gingivitis or gum disease. Excessive bleeding, aching, and recurrence, however, can be a warning sign you ought to take seriously. These are the symptoms of gum disease.

This is why your dentist has to examine your teeth and establish the cause. If you have mastered proper flossing and brushing techniques, and you try to integrate them with your oral routine, you are doing your best to keep gum disease at bay. Catching the gum disease early before it worsens is key to healthy gums and teeth. Your dentist will be able to establish the cause of the bleeding and recommend strategies to eliminate the discomfort.

  • You have a swollen jaw

Your jaw swelling can be a sign of infections, salivary glands infection being one of them. So if the swelling is coupled with fever, difficulties in breathing, trouble swallowing, and a bitter taste in the mouth, guess who is making that trip to the dentist?

Typically, infections in the salivary glands are bacterial in nature and are caused by blockages in the organs. A blockage prevents saliva from executing its role – food breakdown and washing away bacteria. While this infection may not be common, your dentist will have to do a proper examination and prescribe some antibiotics before it spreads and leads to more significant problems.

  • A dental abscess

An abscess is basically a pus pocket. Your abscessed tooth will cause you pain. The infection usually occurs at your tooth’s root. Typically, a cavity that wasn’t treated or a very severe gum infection causes a dental abscess.

Another cause can be tooth-related trauma like a chipped tooth. Fever, foul mouth taste, swollen glands, and pus are the warning signs for an abscessed tooth. To drain the infection and treat it properly, surgery may be necessary.

One Dental Care has got your dental emergency needs covered. We delight in attending to you, and we treasure patient relationships. Delivering compassionate and gentle care that you rightfully deserve from your dentist in Billerica, MA, is our priority.