Dental Insurance

Are you looking for a dentist in Billerica, MA that works with various dental insurance providers and offers affordable dental care? Look no further! At One Dental Care, we are proud to offer compassionate, effective and affordable dental care for our whole community and work with various dental insurance providers. Delta Dental and Blue Cross Blue Shield are two insurance companies we work with specifically, we also work with other insurance providers that allow out-of-network dental visits. If you are unsure of whether your insurance will cover treatment at our practice, we recommend contacting your dental insurance provider along with our office to get a better assessment of what costs may be. Payment is due at the time service is provided.

Common Dental Insurance Questions

At One Dental Care, we often get asked a lot of questions regarding dental insurance. The most common ones include:

What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance is quite similar to health insurance. However, it focuses on treatments for the mouth and oral health. Typical health insurance does not cover dentistry, meaning a lot of patients are left to pay for care directly out of pocket.

What are premiums, copayments, deductibles, and maximums?

  • Premiums are the monthly/yearly costs of your dental insurance plan.
  • Copayments are the cost of each visit.
  • Deductibles are the amount a patient must spend before the insurance provider starts covering the cost of treatments.
  • Maximums are the total amount your insurance will cover, you are responsible for any additional costs.

What do dental insurance plans cover?

Most dental insurance providers cover dental procedures in three categories, including preventive, restorative and major. Preventive options are typically covered completely, while restorative and major procedures may have limited coverage or no coverage at all. We recommend verifying which treatments are covered with your insurance prior to any appointments.

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