Dentures: Their Procedure, Types, Benefits & Aftercare Tips

Dentures: Their Procedure, Types, Benefits & Aftercare Tips

Aug 01, 2022

Many reasons necessitate the dentist to remove your tooth or teeth. Some of the reasons can be advanced gum disease where your teeth become loose, severe tooth cavity, impacted tooth, or a tooth that is fractured and is causing lots of pain. In addition, when the dentist performs a tooth extraction, you are left with missing gaps in your mouth, which does not sound pleasing. Luckily, the advancement of dentistry has brought forth dentures that can act as a replacement for missing teeth. Let’s dive in and tell you more about these teeth replacements.

Procedure and Types of Dentures

Before we give you a detailed explanation of what goes in the dental office, it is essential to know that there are two types of dentures our dentist in Billerica, MA might recommend, depending on your specified needs:

Complete dentures

First, there are complete dentures, also known as full dentures, that your dentist can fix in about 12 weeks after teeth removal (conventional dentures) or immediately after your teeth have been removed (immediate dentures). As the name indicates, these removable appliances are used to replace missing teeth in your upper or lower jaw. This implies that a full arch of dentures is made to replace multiple missing teeth in a jaw.

If you do not like staying a long time without a tooth, then immediate dentures will suit you. Immediate dentures are made in advance: and this is before your teeth are removed. Getting immediate dentures involves multiple trips so that the dentist can take measurements of your jaw and record the color and shape of your natural teeth.

For conventional dentures, you have to wait for 8-12 weeks until the wound area where the tooth was removed healed completely for the installation. The disadvantage of getting immediate dentures is that your gums and jawbone shrink over time, which usually happens during the healing period after tooth removal.

Partial Dentures

The other type of dentures your dentist can recommend is partial dentures. These dentures only occupy a specific area of your mouth where you have several missing teeth. The good thing about this type of denture is that they are supported by your remaining healthy teeth and match well with your natural teeth.

There are steps that your dentist takes in making partial dentures. The first step involves taking accurate impressions and bites to ensure the artificial teeth match well with the natural ones and do not affect your bite.

The impressions taken are then poured into high-quality gypsum, which is used to make artificial teeth. After the partial dentures have been made, you are notified, and during this visit, the dentist will assess the bite of the teeth and determine whether they are suitable.

Your bite will be used to develop a proper design of teeth. Therefore, when looking for a dentist who can fix dentures near you, find one credited to ensure the dentures suit your needs and do not affect your bite.

Benefits of Dentures

  • First, dentures improve the look of your smile. Missing gaps in your mouth can lower your confidence when you smile, but these artificial teeth can now smile with these removable appliances.
  • Another advantage of dentures is that they can reduce further oral problems. For example, when there are gaps of missing teeth, you can struggle to brush your teeth well, leading to the buildup of plaque that causes gum disease.
  • Dentures are removable appliances, and this means you can remove them and wash them with some warm water to keep bacteria at bay.

Dentures Aftercare

  • Dentists recommend removing your dentures at night before you sleep. This gives your gum tissue time to recover. Then, soak the dentures in a saturated solution or in a denture cleanser to remove bacteria.
  • Take care of your gums as they are part of your oral health. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your gums after removing your dentures.
  • Visiting your dentist twice a year for checkups and dental cleaning is essential. This is important as the dentist can monitor your dental health.

Visit a Dentist Near You

Do not let missing teeth lower your confidence; call us or book an appointment with One Dental Care to get dentures in Billerica, MA. We will revitalize your smile in no time!