Does your situation warrant urgent care? Here is how to tell

Does your situation warrant urgent care? Here is how to tell

Apr 01, 2021

Like any other medical condition, dental issues have emergencies. The emergencies are situations whereby urgent medical attention is necessary and should be provided immediately. Delays in the provision of the service would result to further deterioration of the condition and even result to other complications. Emergency dentistry is a situation whereby urgent and immediate professional care is needed to address a dental issue. The services should be provided at any time and any day to salvage the situation and stabilize the situation.

While it is difficult for an ordinary person to asses a situation and determine whether it is an emergency or not, there are certain symptoms and experiences that if one faces, then they should contact an emergency dentistry service provider irrespective of the time. Here are some of the symptoms that are strong indicators that you need emergency dental care.

Excruciating and severe pain

Toothache is a common symptom of problem with the teeth. Being that the teeth have nerves at their root end, pain is a common symptom in many issues with the teeth. However, when the pain is server and excruciating, it needs to be checked out immediately. There are possibilities that the nerve at the teeth has been reached by whatever complications are affecting the teeth and immediate attention is required to prevent further damage on the teeth.

Fractured teeth or chipped teeth

If for any reason your tooth gets fractured or chipped, it is important that you immediately get the attention of a dentist. Immediate attention of the dentist is the only way to have your tooth salvaged and its condition restored. For fractured teeth to be saved and restored to its original condition, urgent care is necessary especially from a professional who can assess the condition and the damage and provide the immediate medical intervention for correction. You have a chance to avoid the cost of having a crown or bridge.

If you have foreign objects between your teeth

People often put their teeth to different use including trying to bite or pull things off. In the event that some foreign object gets stuck in between your teeth which is highly likely when you use your teeth for such purposes, then it is important that you see a dentist immediately to have it removed. Trying to remove the object by you might complicate the situation. It is important that you visit a dentist for the procedure to be done in a way that it does not interfere with other features within the teeth.

Bleeding mouth and teeth

If your mouth or teeth are bleeding, there are many possible reasons for that. If the bleeding is higher than normal at a level that worries you, then you need to see a dentist immediately. Only our dentist near you will be able to assess the level of damage that causes the bleeding, stop the bleeding, and make the necessary correction to prevent further damage or infection of your teeth. Whether the bleeding is from the gums, cheeks, lips, or tongue you need emergency dentistry to have the situation restored in a healthy way.

When you have infections on your mouth

There are many infections that can catch you in the mouth and the general oral area. However, when cyst or pus forms in the gums, then it is an emergency and you need immediate care. In most cases, the infections whether from gum disease or any illness is a result of complacency to see a dentist allowing the infection to fester and cause more damages. It reaches a point when immediate care is the only way to realize cure and change for the situation otherwise the damage caused will be irreversible.

How to reach an emergency dentist in Billerica MA

If you search for Emergency dentist near me and you are in Billerica MA, then you will be able to find the Emergency dentistry in Billerica, MA that you need for your particular medical condition. Access to Emergency dentistry in Billerica, MA is what will solve your problem and the care must be accessed immediately. With a search in any search engine of Emergency dentist near me, you will be able to hit the urgent dental care that you need for your situation. Remember, the urgent dental care will go a long way to improve your oral health.

If you are seeking an emergency dentistry, call us now to book an appointment with our emergency dentist near you. We also welcome patients residing in nearby communities like Nutting Lake, Pinehurst, Baldwin Road, Tower Farm Road, and Riverdale Road.

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