How Pediatric Dentistry is Essential for Your Child?

How Pediatric Dentistry is Essential for Your Child?

Sep 01, 2021

Why do parents of young children think their kids don’t need specialized dental care from a pediatric dentist readily available all around America? Except for a few, most parents assume children will lose their primary teeth by six or seven, and providing them treatments from a specialist is a waste of money. Unfortunately, most do not understand children’s dental needs are entirely different from that of adults because their mouths grow and change shape throughout their entire childhood until adolescence. If parents realize how their child will benefit from receiving appropriate pediatric dentistry care in Billerica, MA, they will undoubtedly begin thinking differently.

All children lose their primary teeth to allow their permanent teeth to emerge. Unfortunately, some children lose their teeth too early and others too late. Both situations are identified promptly by pediatric dentists qualified to deal with children’s unique needs. Primary teeth falling too early cause the remaining teeth to move towards the vacant gap, creating misalignments in the child’s mouth. On the other hand, primary teeth remaining in the mouth for too long start crowding to need orthodontic treatments later.

Parents desiring to avoid both problems find it beneficial to provide specialized treatment from kids’ dental care. For example, the dentist offers the child space maintainers for primary teeth lost early and recommends extraction of primary teeth remaining in the mouth to prevent overcrowding.

Are General Dentists Inappropriate for Children?

General dentists and pediatric dentists both graduate from dental school and have comprehensive knowledge about dental anatomy. However, general dentists begin practicing soon after they graduate, while pediatric dentists prefer to acquire additional training specializing in dealing with children.

General dentists can also recognize the need for space maintainers or overcrowding. However, they do not have the experience of managing children or the infrastructure to provide treatments needed by children successfully. On the other hand, pediatric dentists are experts in handling children, including those with special needs. They invest in everything to make a child comfortable during dental visits, whether it is for routine exams and cleanings or procedures like getting space maintainers and tooth extractions. General dentists can undoubtedly treat children, but unlike pediatric dentists, they are likely to deal with the kid similar to adult patients creating fear in the child’s mind and making them anxious during dental visits.

How Does Your Child Benefit from Visiting Pediatric Dentists?

When you take your child for any dental treatment to the children’s dentist near you, the pediatric dentist’s clinic will likely surprise you because it is created exclusively for children. Your kid will enjoy visiting the facility and playing around in the waiting room until it is time for their appointment. Unlike general dentist’s offices, the staff at a pediatric dental practice receives training to manage children without being stern with them.

Besides having a kid-friendly environment, pediatric dentists also invest in child-friendly dental instruments which they use when treating children. Children are explained the use of every device and how it helps them treat any issue in their mouths. Pediatric dentists also use unique techniques when dealing with children, making them imagine they are in a fantasy world instead of a dental office. Your child receives a gift at the end of the appointment as a complement for cooperating with the dentist and remaining calm during the appointment.

Professionals from pediatric dentistry detect oral health issues in your child’s mouth early like most dentists. However, they also spend time with your child, educating them on preventing familiar oral health issues from aggravating to have a beautiful smile throughout their lives.

Children are prone to developing tooth decay and cavities because they are negligent with their dental hygiene. Thankfully pediatric dentists examine your child’s mouth looking for problems and recommend preventive care measures like dental sealants to prevent cavities on their molars and fluoride treatments to strengthen their tooth enamel. In addition, if your child has an issue with misalignments or overcrowding, the pediatric dentist recommends therapy from an orthodontist to ensure the child has straighter teeth and does not develop infections like gum disease, which is a common condition among patients with misalignments.

Pediatric dentists are professionals treating children from infancy until adolescence, having comprehensive knowledge about the constant and rapid changes occurring in your child’s mouth. Therefore your child receives comprehensive treatments from pediatric interests making them an essential requirement for your child. When you are searching for a kid-friendly pediatric dentistry in Billerica, MA, think of us at One Dental Care. Call us now to schedule an appointment with our children’s dentist near you.