Bad Breath / Halitosis

Bad Breath / Halitosis in Billerica, MA

Bad Breath / Halitosis

Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath, is a condition not easily fixed. Even a thorough brushing, frequent rinsing with mouthwash, and the constant consumption of mints cannot correct chronic bad breath. Different from morning breath and the smell you breathe out after eating onions, halitosis persists for quite some time and can even be a red flag for other, more severe conditions.

At One Dental Care in Billerica, MA, we understand that bad breath can be an annoying occurrence.

What is the Cause of Bad Breath?

Chances are, if quick fixes are ineffective at fighting your bad breath, you may have an underlying condition. Of course, there is no one cause of halitosis. There are a variety of reasons behind this bothersome condition, such as cavities, gingivitis (gum disease), and other dental issues.

Furthermore, infections of the mouth, throat, and nose can lead to chronic halitosis. As One Dental Care in Billerica says, infections in these areas can create problems with postnasal drip which can contribute to bad breath. After all, bacteria breeds in your mucus, so when your body is fighting an infection, it can also be creating problems for your oral care.

Another cause of bad breath is persistent dry mouth. If you have problems producing saliva, the lack of this natural rinsing mechanism can be problematic. Additionally, tobacco use and smoking are not only detrimental to your overall health, but it is also incredibly troublesome for your oral health. Not to mention, smoking and tobacco use can also drastically dry up your mouth. Finally, there are several other chronic conditions which could be considered suspect when it comes to halitosis. For instance, diabetes, kidney disease, and acid reflux can be contributing factors to long-term bad breath.

What to Do If You Suffer From Bad Breath

If you recognize that your breath has had a less than favorable scent as of late, you may want to speak with your local Billerica dentist at One Dental Care. Otherwise, remember it’s essential to maintain the best possible oral care. So, brush two times-a-day with a fluoride-based toothpaste and floss at least once a day.