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Dental sealants are made of a plastic material placed on the chewing surfaces of permanent molars to protect them from tooth decay. Although brushing, flossing and fluoride rinses help remove food particles and plaque from the smooth surfaces of teeth, the depressions and grooves of the back teeth cannot be fully reached or protected.

Our dentist in Billerica, MA at One Dental Care, want to educate their patients, current and new, on the procedure and the benefits of dental sealants in Billerica, MA.

Below are common questions asked of One Dental Care regarding dental sealants.

Why are Dental Sealants Placed on Teeth?

Plaque can accumulate in the depressions and grooves, called fissures, of the back teeth, some of which can be as narrower than a single brush bristle. These fissures are prevalent in permanent molars as they first erupt through the gumline. The sealants protect all chewing surfaces of the back molars by providing a smooth surface for efficient brushing, flossing and rinsing.

When are Sealants Placed?

The first sealant is placed by our dentist in 01821 on the first of the permanent molars when completely erupted beyond the gum line. Sealants are continually applied as molars grow in, usually through the age of 13. Sealants on wisdom teeth are applied at the age of young adulthood.

Are Sealants Placed on Adults?

Yes, although not as common. Usually adults obtaining dental sealants are at a high risk for caries, damaged areas of a tooth that develop into tiny holes. Dental Sealants in Billerica, MA, are only placed on permanent teeth with fissures and without fillings.

How are the Sealants Placed?

First, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned with a paste and a rotating brush. The teeth are then washed and dried. An acidic solution is placed within the fissures of the chewing surfaces and rinsed after a few seconds. This creates a microscopic rough surface, finer than the enamel, for the sealant to adhere.

When the teeth are again dry, the sealant is applied and hardened. The hardening process can either be with a light, or in a two-step process without a light.

How Long Does a Sealant Last?

Sealants have proven to last, and remain effective, for many years. It is also possible to replace sealants on teeth.

Do I Still Need to Use Fluoride with Sealants?

Yes. Sealants only protect the top surfaces of the back teeth. Fluoride protects all surfaces of all teeth.

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