Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Near You in Billerica, MA 01821

For most people, root canals are the stuff of nightmares. All in all, they’ve gotten a bad rap. But did you know that the goal of a root canal isn’t to cause pain- it’s actually to relieve it! At One Dental Care, we’re here to give you the facts about root canal treatment in Billerica, MA. Let’s talk a little bit about what they are and how the process of getting one goes.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

When a tooth starts to decay it’s serious. If left untreated, the infection spreads to the dentin, or the layer underneath the enamel. This causes pain, swelling, difficulty eating, and many other problems. Getting a root canal actually stops the pain from worsening and saves the tooth from needing to be pulled.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

At One Dental Care we have saved hundreds of teeth through the root canal treatment in Billerica, MA. According to The American Association of Endodontists a root canal treatment is a four step procedure.

  • The first thing our Billerica dentist will do is administer a local anesthetic to the area he’ll be treating. He’ll do this with a small shot. After the anesthetic takes affect you shouldn’t feel any pain during the entire procedure.
  • When your mouth is numb, our root canal endodontist near you will drill into the tooth in order to remove the diseased pulp on the inside. He’ll then rinse the tooth with water. If the infection is severe he may put an antimicrobial solution inside the tooth to kill the bacteria.
  • Once the tooth is free of infection and dry your dentist will cover the opening with a temporary crown.
  • In a few weeks, after the permanent crown is ready and the tooth has started to heal, you’ll come back into the office. Our endodontist will remove the temporary filling and place the permanent crown. He may also need to install a small post inside the tooth to lend it stability.

Get Root Canal Treatment Near You

After the procedure is complete you’ll need to take good care of your teeth to prevent further damage. One Dental Care wants to help! If you live near Billerica call us today to schedule a consultation with our top-rated endodontist near you.