Different Types of Dental Crowns Explained

Different Types of Dental Crowns Explained

Jul 01, 2022

What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a tooth-colored prosthetics designed to look like a cap to cover flawed teeth. It is expertly positioned on the part of a tooth above the gum line. The cap enhances the appearance of teeth and improves function. Our crown dentist near you fabricates the prosthetic after a thorough mouth assessment.

Crowns are made from various materials according to individual needs and preferences. Then, they are customized by a dentist to fit over the teeth to be repaired while appearing natural. The procedure for fixing tooth crowns is straightforward, with excellent results. Read on to learn about the material that makes types of dental crowns.

What Dental Issues Do Dental Crowns Fix?

The tooth-like cap is used for many reasons. Our dentist may recommend dental crowns to address various dental concerns. They include:

  1. Protecting a weak tooth
  2. Reinforcing a decayed or damaged tooth
  3. Capping a dental implant
  4. Improving the color of permanently discolored teeth
  5. Strengthening a filled tooth
  6. Saving a tooth after root canal therapy
  7. Holding together a cracked or fractured tooth
  8. Anchoring a dental bridge in place

Types of Dental Crowns

There are several types of crowns fabricated through various techniques and materials. Our crown dentist near you will help you choose a suitable crown based on esthetics, budget, and goals. The expert will evaluate your mouth thoroughly and discuss the look you want to achieve with you. Below are some of the crowns you will be guided to choose among.


Dental crowns made of Zirconium have risen in popularity in cosmetic dentistry. This is because they are strong, durable, and provide great dental aesthetics. In addition, zirconia crowns wear compatible with natural dentition. During the procedure for fixing teeth, no lengthy preparations are necessary.

Only a tiny portion of a tooth is removed therefore preserving its structure. As a result, the crows are placed within a single dental visit. Our dentist can recommend all-Zirconia crowns or porcelain-veneered Zirconia crowns for natural-looking teeth.

Lithium Disilicate (IPS E-MAX)

These crowns are made of a glass matrix of lithium disilicate. They are translucent and therefore reflect the color of natural teeth. Our dentist chemically bonds the Lithium Disilicate to the patient’s tooth structure. It ensures that the patient obtains natural-looking results. Lithium disilicate crowns provide great aesthetics, strength, and durability. They are suitable for restoring both back and front teeth.

Porcelain Fused To Metal

These are crowns made of both porcelain and metal. The porcelain provides incredible aesthetics, while the metal framework strengthens the crown. They are durable and last for more than a decade. However, PFM crowns require sufficient tooth reduction to accommodate the porcelain and metal.


Metal crowns are the most robust and durable type of dental crowns. They consist of gold, nickel, chromium, and platinum materials. Metal crowns can be used for both anterior and posterior teeth. However, most patients prefer using them on back teeth due to aesthetics. Only a tiny number find gold and silver crowns aesthetically pleasing.

Metallic dental crowns are recommended for restoring molars and premolars. It is because they are resilient and can withstand chewing forces. After a Pulpotomy, our dentist uses stainless steel crowns to strengthen kids’ teeth. They are also ideal when a filling is inadequate in adult teeth. In addition, they require the removal of only a small portion of a tooth.

Porcelain or Ceramic

These crowns blend perfectly with teeth to improve their shape, size, and color. Therefore, they make cosmetic dental flaws unnoticeable, giving you a fantastic smile. The material is stain-resistant and, therefore, suitable for front teeth. They can be altered so that their shade matches perfectly with your natural teeth. Porcelain crowns are ideal for people with metal allergies.

Polycarbonate Crowns

Polycarbonate crowns consist of heat-molded plastic. The material is cemented to the tooth being restored using a self-adhesive resin. They are ideal for front teeth because the material is tooth-colored and aesthetically pleasing. However, polycarbonate crowns are often used for temporary restorations.

Consult to a Nearby Dentist

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