What are The Various Types Of Oral Surgery?

What are The Various Types Of Oral Surgery?

Nov 01, 2022

You may not relish the idea of undergoing oral surgery, but sometimes rectifying your dental problem may require a surgical procedure. However, oral surgery shouldn’t scare you since your specialist will administer anesthetics before the procedure to alleviate your pain. Our Billerica Dentist orients you through the entire procedure beforehand and provides you with relevant instructions to follow before your procedure. In addition, you shouldn’t have anxiety over your dental visit since sedation dentistry aids in suppressing your pain. Once the procedure is complete, your dental health issue will be resolved.

When Would You Require Oral Surgery?

If your dental procedure requires expertise beyond the general dentist, you’ll need to visit an oral surgeon. Our dentist in 01821 may recommend you undergo oral surgery for an impacted tooth, periodontal disease, or gum tissue grating, among other conditions. In addition, severe traumatic injury to your dentist may require a surgical procedure. The dentist near you will examine your condition and refer you to an oral surgeon.

Commonly Known Oral Surgery Procedures

Some of the common oral surgery options that you can undergo may include:

1. Dental Extraction

Surgical tooth extraction can be done if the inflicted tooth is impacted. The procedure involves an incision in your gum tissues to extract the tooth. Local or general anesthesia is administered before the invasive procedure to alleviate your pain. In addition, our Billerica Dentist may pull out your tooth if it’s severely decayed, infected, or damaged beyond repair.

2. Dental Implant Placement

Missing a tooth requires a replacement, and dental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone. Our dentist in 01821 surgically inserts the titanium rod into your jaw bone to serve as the tooth roots. A crown is then supported by the implant. You’ll need to wait six months to ensure the bone tissues fuse with the implant.

3. Bone Grafting

If you are to undergo dental implant placement, you require adequate bone mass. However, if the bone mass is inadequate, grafts can be synthetically placed on your bone to aid in restoration and bone regeneration. Bone grafting is ideal for restoring your deteriorated bone mass and ensuring the dental implant anchors the artificial tooth with stability.

4. Corrective Jaw Surgery

Oral surgery is crucial in addressing minor and major dental flaws, including misaligned jaws. Your specialist repositions the jaws and improves your bite and ability to speak properly, among other functionalities. In addition, the procedure is ideal for restoring your facial and dental structure.

5. Reconstructive Surgery

Facial or mouth trauma can severely damage your soft tissues, jawbone, teeth, and gum tissues. Additionally, you require reconstructive surgery if you have severe soft tissue damage. The surgical option restores your tissues and ensures your symmetrically dental and natural facial outlook is restored. Reconstruction surgery repairs your jaw bone and restores your dental structure. The nasal cavities are also surgically reconstructed in the procedure.

6. Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea can be life-threatening in its advanced stages, and you must undergo surgery. The condition is linked to dental issues, leading to the blocking of airways during sleep. Our Billerica Dentist may recommend you undergo surgery to eliminate excess tissues that block your airways to resolve the problem permanently. The condition may cause sleep interruptions, and you need surgical treatment to avoid complications.

What You Should Expect While Undergoing Oral Surgery?

While undergoing oral surgery near you, your specialist will provide instructions based on the procedure you’ll undertake and the type of sedation to use. Some of the instructions may include:

  • Avoid taking any food a few hours before your surgery
  • Ensure you are accompanied by someone or driven home
  • Avoid strenuous activities before full recovery
  • Refrain from alcohol consumption and smoking tobacco

Get an Oral Surgery Near You

The dentist near you may examine your condition and recommend you to undergo oral surgery. The procedure may be highly invasive but painless due to the use of local anesthetic, or other sedation dentistry options.

At One Dental Care, we perform a wisdom tooth extraction, placement of dental implants, and reconstructive surgery, among others. You can schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll examine your condition and select the ideal surgical procedure for your oral health problem today.

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