Why is Preventive Dentistry Important for Children’s Oral Health?

Why is Preventive Dentistry Important for Children’s Oral Health?

Jun 01, 2022

Don’t you find it exhilarating when you first hold your newborn in your arms? You might feel the same excitement when you see your child’s first tooth erupting. However, do you think your child needs treatment for their oral health from the pediatric dentist near you?

You might think your child’s teeth will likely fall off by six or seven and therefore require no treatment until then. Unfortunately, you are risking your child’s dental, oral, and overall health by neglecting to give them attention from a children’s specialist, especially one providing preventive dental care near you.

What Is the Meaning of Preventive Dentistry for Children?

If you find the term preventive dentistry intimidating as a new parent, you must understand the goal of preventive dentistry is to keep your child’s mouth free from tooth decay and other oral health complications. Our preventive dentist aims to keep your child’s teeth free from plaque buildup, gum disease, and tooth decay before they need any intensive treatments.

Our dentist ensures they prevent problems from occurring in your child’s mouth by protecting them using techniques that have positive effects on their entire body. In addition, poor oral health creates other complications in your child’s body, making prevention an essential part of their overall well-being.

What Does Preventive Dentistry Entail?

Prevention of dental problems is not expensive or exhaustive. On the contrary, it is a lot easier to prevent oral diseases like tooth decay than to treat the same issues. To provide the best preventive dentistry for your child, our preventive dentist in Billerica, MA recommends you bring them to a dental clinic every six months, similar to recommendations for adults. The visits help our dentist detect problems early and treat them before they aggravate.

Preventive dentistry entails two significant factors a dental exam and a professional cleaning. During the dental exam, our dentist looks at your child’s mouth and checks on the progress of their tooth growth. In addition, they aim to ensure your child’s teeth are developing correctly by taking x-rays to monitor their progress for comprehensive evaluation.

After the dental exam, our dentist provides your child a dental cleaning using sophisticated dental instruments to remove plaque buildup and provides your child education on developing valuable dental habits. Finally, your child can leave the dental office with you with clean teeth and you with the knowledge that your child’s mouth is healthy.

Should You Invest in Preventive Dentistry for Your Child?

The decision about whether you must invest in preventive dentistry for your child is entirely up to you. However, if you intend your child to have a beautiful smile without dental problems, you will find it beneficial to invest in this specialty that helps prevent unnecessary problems requiring intensive treatments.

Children are prone to developing oral infections like tooth decay and gum disease, similar to adults. In reality, children are highly susceptible to the problem because they favor sugary and starchy foods and are not diligent with their dental hygiene practices. It is why you must take your child to a pediatric dentist nearby with knowledge of how to deal with children and provide preventive dentistry treatments to prevent problems.

Why Pediatric Dentists and Not the General Dentists?

General dentists treat people of all ages and are equally efficient in dealing with children. Unfortunately, the professionals are busy and, in many cases, find it challenging to manage uncooperative children during dental visits. They will likely deal with your child gruffly to make them anxious and scared with the visit.

Unlike general dentists, pediatric dentists are specialists in dealing with children having acquired additional education after completing four years of dental school. These professionals can treat children from infancy until adolescence and even manage children with special needs.

Preventive dentistry is not a dental specialty but is merely a regimen to ensure children and adults don’t develop dental complications requiring expensive treatments. However, when dealing with children, pediatric dentists employ special techniques to calm the child and make them enjoy their dental visits. The professionals have special instruments, trained staff, and an office exclusively designed for children. As a result, your child will not only cooperate during their dental appointment but will also look forward to their next while leaving the dental office with a clean mouth without any dental complications.

Visit a Preventive Dentist

If your child needs preventive dentistry, visit our dental clinic in Billerica, MA at One Dental Care which specializes in providing these treatments to children. Kindly schedule an appointment with us for the benefit of your child’s oral health.