Exams & Cleanings

Exams & Cleanings in Billerica, MA

Exams & Cleanings

Your teeth should be cleaned, brushed, and flossed on a daily basis so that you can have a bright and healthy smile. However, dental appointments are needed to get rid of remaining plaque and calculus that is difficult to reach with regular toothbrushes. A One Dental Care dentist in Billerica, MA can give you and the entire family dental exams along with cleanings to freshen your breath and brighten your smiles.

Prevent Disease

Regular exams and cleanings at your local dentist in Billerica prevent you from developing diseases and other dental issues that could impact your daily life. Periodontal disease is just one disease that can occur without proper dental treatment. The gums surrounding teeth become infected and may bleed or swell. This makes it hard to eat and teeth may grow sensitive over time.

Brighten Smile

You want your smile to be as beautiful as possible, but this can be hard if your teeth are stained, discolored, or chipped. If you are tired of hiding your smile in photos, then our dental office has options for your dental treatment. Your smile can be bright and radiant with our complete dental cleanings along with our other dental treatment techniques for a better smile.

Freshen Breath

Halitosis, or bad breath, is something nobody wants to deal with. The cause of halitosis can be found by a dental professional in your area. If you find that brushing does not help your breath, you may have gum disease, dry mouth, bacteria on your tongue, or some other issue that is causing less-than-fresh breath. Only a qualified One Dental Care dentist can pinpoint the root cause of your breath and treat it.

Early Dental Detection

With proper dental care from One Dental Care in Billerica you can get the dental care you deserve. Our clinic is open at convenient hours, so you can schedule an appointment and let our dental staff handle the rest.

Our duty is to make sure your teeth are healthy, and you are satisfied with your smile for years to come. Schedule an appointment at our dental office for a full examination and cleaning so that your teeth can be assessed by a medical professional.